Private dining

A gastronomic experience in a class of its own, where you are creating the settings for your evening. 


Each serving is carefully thought out and planned to create a context in which all ingredients and their role are to create a fully-fledged dining experience.

We continuously adapt our menus to ensure that they are suited to the best ingredients available. 
 See our current menus below. 

Our world

Our world includes 
9 servings 
Water - Coffee 
DKK 1895, -

Our univers

Our univers includes
13 servings
Water - Coffee
DKK 2495,-

Your dreams

We offer you the opportunity to create a complete menu, where your wishes are the center to create the perfect experience. We are changing our menus continuously so that they always are adapted to the best ingredients available. 
Transportation fee: Copenhagen & Zealand DKK 0  - Funen and the islands DKK 1450  - Jutland DKK      2000 - Bornholm DKK 4000 

Wine Menu

To complete your dining experience, we recommend that you choose the menu with our specially designed wine menu, with each wine carefully selected to harmonize with the servings and elevate your gastronomic experience to a greater level. 

The wine menu for OUR WORLD consists of 6 glasses for DKK 1195 

The wine menu for OUR UNIVERSE consists of 8 glasses for DKK 1895

Each menu is adapted to the specific menus and changes when the menus also change. Contact us for more information about our different wine menus.

Table Setting

Our creativity extends beyond our menu compositions, and we believe that table setting is crucial to complete the experience where all elements play together. 

Create more time for yourself, and let's create a table setting that ties your entire experience together. 

Our table setting package means that we bring cutlery, glasses, tablecloths, napkins, candles, and flowers. 

 Purchase the table setting packet for DKK 295 / person.

The complete package

Avoid unnecessary stress, and leave the tasks to us. Then we ensure that everything from the gastronomy, wine, and table setting goes up into a higher entity, creating an unforgettable experience.

We offer unique gastronomic experiences for you and your invited guests. Private dinings can be booked for between 6 and 20 guests. 

Whether it is Our World, Our Universe, or Your Life, the menus are season-based, only utilizing the best ingredients available. 

We deliver unique gastronomic experiences for your private setting, no matter where in the world you are. 

* A travel allowance is added settled according to the location of the event: Zealand DKK 0, - Funen DKK 1450, - Jutland DKK 2000, - Bornholm DKK 4000, -

We do not only offer to take care of the dining. But we also recommend our associated wine menus. 

* We also offer a non-alcoholic juice menu to substitute for the wine menu.

We always make sure to leave your home, leaving nothing but fond memories. 

We are invariably cleaning up after ourselves, so you do not have to do anything but enjoy the evening.

We offer private dining every day of the week, at all times - exactly when it suits you. 

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Are you ready for a unique gastronomic experience, because we are ready to deliver more than just food. 
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