The team

MN Dining was created with a passion for uniting guests and chefs for an unforgettable evening, where gastronomy and company are fundamental. 

The vision behind

Michael Nørtoft created MN Dining with a mission of eroding the barrier between the chef and the guests. Michael Nørtoft, who despite, his young age, has tried forces at some of the best restaurants and knows exactly how important this connection was.

Michelin ambitions from a young age 

Despite his young age of 26, MN Dining's head chef Michael Nørtoft is not without experience. He has been to some of the country's most acclaimed restaurants. Michael's chef journey started back in 2012, as he started UCH's gastronomic ground course. Nine years later, he has been sous-chef at two different Michelin restaurants and participated in the World Cup and the Olympics with the junior and senior national team for chefs.

2012-2015 A student with a passion 

Michael's time as a student was embossed with dedication and a passion for the field.
His dedication and passion were expressed with his participation in several different competitions, 
such as MadID local cooking, Katoffelprisen, DM in Skills, and the DM for students. 
All his hard work also resulted in him finishing his education with gold.

2016 - The Funen-French adventure 

After completing his education, Michael traveled to Funen and got a job at the French-inspired restaurant Lieffroy, owned and run by Patrick Lieffroy. With high ambitions and dedication, Michael, at the age of 21, was promoted to Sous-chef by the critics' praised restaurant. His hard work was later noticed and led to a nomination for Sous-Chef of the Year in 2018 by Den Danske Spiseguide.

2017 - National team selection

In addition to working at Lieffroy, Michael Nørtoft joined the Junior National Team in 2017. 
Together with the rest of the team, they traveled to Luxembourg in 2018 to participate in the World Cup. They ended up in 5th place overall, the best placement for the Danish junior national team ever. Since then, he has become part of the Danish senior national team.

The beginning of a star journey - Michelin ahead 

In 2018, Michael's gastronomic journey continued back to the mainland. This time with a job at the Michelin restaurant Ti Trin Ned, owned and run by Mette and Rainer Gassner. 
In 2018 Michael advanced to the final of Chef of the Year 2019.

A star journey led Michael to Formel B in the fall of 2020, where he has been until he officially started MN Dining.

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