Give your colleagues, employees or customers a unique gastronomic experience, in a private setting without distractions. 


Each serving is carefully thought out and planned to create a context in which all ingredients and their role are to create a fully-fledged dining experience. 

 We continuously adapt our menus to ensure that they are suited to the best ingredients available. 
 See our current menus below. 

The small meeting

The small meeting includes
4 servings 
 Water from INLAND ICE
DKK 895, -

The big meeting

The big meeting includes 
7 servings 
 Water from INLAND ICE
Coffee  from HOLY BEAN
DKK 1250, -

The completed meeting

By selecting the complete package, we take care of everything from table setting to beverages so that your focus can be on the most important thing. 
Read more about what extra services we offer.

Transportation fee: Copenhagen & Zealand DKK 0  - Funen and the islands DKK 1450  - Jutland DKK      2000 - Bornholm DKK 4000 

We offer unique gastronomic experiences for your company. We can serve between 6 and 40 guests. 

Have meetings without interruption, and where you can talk just as loudly, without regard for the surroundings. 

We provide unique gastronomic experiences for your company. 

We offer not only to cover the meal, but by purchasing the complete package, we serve the world's purest water from INLAND ICE, accompanying wine menu, as well as coffee from Holy bean. That way, you are sure of a complete experience. 

* We also offer a non-alcoholic juice menu to substitute for the wine menu.

We bring your business dining to your desired location, whether the dinner takes place in your business premises or private premises. 

The only thing we need from you is a functional kitchen with an oven and stove, as well as a work table.

We offer business dining Monday to Thursday when it suits you. 

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Are you ready for a unique gastronomic experience,
 because we are ready to deliver more than just food. 
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