Our Univers

Pie - Chicken Liver Mouse - Red currant 
Crispy potato - Baika Royal - Creme fraiche 
Lobster - Basil - Malt

 Hamachi - Apple - l√∂jrom - Whey 

Potato - Baika Royal - Cheese

 Morrel - Chicken - Ramsons.
 Beef - Beetroot - Black currant 

 Drunken dog - Caramel stone - Malt bread - Birch syrup.

Sea buckthorn - Pumpkin - Vanilla

Rhubarb - White chocolate - Maringue 

 Mayran Red - Inland ice 
Raspberry - Hibiscus 
French Nougat

 DKK 2495, -

We offer unique gastronomic experiences for you and your guests. Private dinings are for 6 to 20 guests. 

To create this experience, it only requires traditional functional kitchen facilities. 

This includes facilities such as a functional oven and stove, fridge and freezer, and a bit of workspace.

We deliver unique gastronomic experiences for your private setting, no matter where in the world you are. 

*We add a transportation fee according to the location of the event: Zealand DKK 0, - Funen DKK 1450, - Jutland DKK 2000, - Bornholm DKK 4000, -

In Our Univers, we include thirteen servings, water from INLAND ICE, and coffee from Holy Bean. 

We always make sure to leave your home, leaving nothing but fond memories. 

We always clean after ourselves, so you do not have to do anything but enjoy the evening.

We offer private dining every day of the week, at all times - just when it suits you. 

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Are you ready for a unique gastronomic experience, because we are ready to deliver more than just food. 
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