Creative and uncompromising gastronomy

MN Dining was created on a mission to minimize the distance between the chef and the guest. To achieve this mission, we bring gastronomy of the highest quality, outside the framework of traditional restaurants, and to your desired framework.
Our approach to gastronomy er creative but uncompromising, and we enjoy combining various produces and innovative methods in creating our servings. But we will never compromise on the quality of the produces or our preparations.
We thoughtfully create our menus are to center around the season's ingredients. We do this for various reasons. The most important thing for us is to find the best and most tasty ingredients, so we like to wait for them to be the very best.


With our private dining, we bring gourmet of the highest quality into your intimate setting, creating an evening where the atmosphere and gastronomy all come together. 


Whether there is a rush to the next customer-, manager-, board meeting, or something fourth, we are ready to ensure that we have an extraordinary gastronomic experience that can impress everyone. 

An evening with little pearls

We are happy to have entered into a strong partnership with the French caviar producer Petrossian, which for the past 100 years has refined the way it produces caviar. Their exclusive little pearls are only available at specially selected restaurants. So when offered to use their caviar, we did not doubt that it deserved its very own menu.

We do not allow everyone into our homes, so we do not expect you to either.

One of the most sacred we have is our home.
Therefore, we must know who we are allowing into our homes.

Meet the head chef and the owner of MN Dining, Michael Nørtoft, and read about his journey through the country's restaurants, various competitions, and the national team, all the way to starting MN Dining.

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Are you ready for a unique gastronomic experience, because we are ready to deliver more than just food.
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