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We choose our partners and suppliers based on their quality, passion, and dedication.


The taste of the past has never been cleaner!

INLAND ICE is melted Greenlandic Inland ice in a bottle - which is in the category of the world's purest drinking water. The ice is harvested from the pieces of ice that flow out into the open sea due to calving. INLAND ICE is an actual time capsule of about 100,000 years. The 100,000 years of total encapsulation in the ice gives the water an extraordinary purity of fewer than 15 TDS - for comparison, Danish tap water is between 200-250 TDS. These exceptional conditions provide INLAND ICE the water a fantastic softness that makes the water extraordinarily suitable as a raw material or to enjoy in the glass.

“It was close to love at first drop when we tasted INLAND ICE for the first time. Never have we tasted such extraordinary and clean water. It is important for us to have partners that are as passionate about their products as we are. And that passion we have found at INLAND ICE. That is why INLAND ICE quickly became one of our close partners, to be able to deliver extraordinary gastronomic experiences that speak to all the senses, where the water helps to provide the complete experience”
- Michael Nørtoft -


Passion for the craft and the good qualities - and neither the least coffee - gathered under one roof.

Holy Bean is a micro-roastery located in Aarup on West Funen. A micro-roastery where the passion is unmistakable, with a mission to create a tasty and sustainable coffee experience. They believe in craftsmanship and the good qualities - from the farmer's hand to the perfect roasting and brewing. Among their exciting product range, you will find several "selected" coffees where each coffee is unique in its taste and story, providing Holy Beans with what they describe as their playground. 

"Holy Bean's playful and experimental approach to coffee and roasting is unique. They work exclusively with quality beans and find the perfect roast for the various coffee beans. With their great expertise, we continuously find the perfect coffee to balance our petit fours to create the perfect experience where food and drink go up in a higher unit"
- Michael Nørtoft -


Chocolate should be enjoyed - without a horrible aftertaste.
Xoco Gourmet delivers that.

With a mission to revolutionize the industry's way of thinking and producing chocolate, Xoco Gourmet discovered approximately 3,000-year-old mother trees in the Honduran variety, Mayan Red. Xoco Gourmets' journey is defined by dedication, perfectionism, and respect, not just for the produces but also for their partners. Their use of single variety allows them to specialize the processes; such as fermentation and roasting. These processes are crucial to creating this unique pure chocolate flavor that one experiences at Xoco Gourmet.

"I do not think I have ever tasted anything like it. A taste experience you do not expect when you taste dark chocolate.
The Mayan Red achieves a unique fruitiness while at the same time having an enormously deep and complex taste. Together with the unique taste experience, Xoco Gourmet offers extraordinary transparency through its value chain, meaning you can track each chocolate bar back to the cocoa farmers who have contributed to the individual chocolate bar"
- Michael Nørtoft - 

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